donderdag 16 september 2010

Hello all,

Long time..but we are proud to finally present the fifth and last Speculative Peculiars fanzine.
Check it out here.

We would like to thank all the people who were involved in Spec Pec with all our hearts.

The series is closed, but when someone is interested in a follow-up, please contact us at

zondag 10 januari 2010

Speculative Peculiars Fanzine #4 is online!

Take a look at the fourth Speculative Peculiars Fanzine here!

maandag 4 januari 2010

Speculative Peculiars #5, Sunday January 10 at 4 PM

Come and check out the fifth Speculative Peculiars featuring:

Jasper van den Berg, graphic designer

Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, visual artist

What is the connection between eternity and transitoriness?

Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest has been contemplating this question for years, for example in his Cabinet of Relics, a personal reference collection. The question is also central to his drawings. It is not a fascination by the dark side of life, but Meinbert Gozewijn rather wants to emphasize the vulnerable elements of life. "Scientific research makes use of established, preferably abiding facts. My research, however, is an intuitive quest for a personal order in exactly those matters that are continuously subject to change", says Meinbert Gozewijn about his working process. His drawings have of a sinister and yet strangely appealing atmosphere.

Roel Boorsma & Thomas Wurdinger, filmmaker & molecular biologist

Thomas Würdinger is a molecular biologist. He is connected as research fellow to Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA) and VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. At VU Medical Center he is - together with surgeon David Noske - principal investigator of the Neuro-oncology Research Group (NRG). His area of research is cancer, with a special focus on brain tumors.

Sieto Noordhoorn, visual artist

I - Marty Noordhoorn - am a regular guy from 2059. I am living in a suburb and I am working as a quantum mechanic. Unfortunately, I never met my father Sieto Noordhoorn. Since it is possible to travel through time, I started looking for my past. However, time traveling is either for the rich or it is done in groups. The group travels only offer trips to disasters of the past. So, I adapted my Opel Astra (car) and started time traveling myself. During my adventures I met strange family members. I have gathered visual material, which I will use to tell you about my travels. And, I will try to link my journey to my current time, namely 2059. I will talk about my work, study, home, friends etc. You know, just the usual.

Speculative Peculiars
when: Sunday, January 10 at 4 PM
where: Sid Lee Collective Gallery at Gerard Doustraat 74


Happy New Year to you all!

The next Speculative Peculiars will take place Sunday January 10 at Sid Lee Collective Gallery in Amsterdam at 4 PM.

More soon..

vrijdag 4 december 2009

Speculative Peculiars FANZINE #3 is online!

The fanzine of Speculative Peculiars part 3 is ready.
Speculative Peculiars#3 took place on November 1st.
Click here to check it out. Enjoy.

The next Speculative Peculiars is coming Sunday on the 'official' birthday of Sinterklaas: December 6th at 4 PM. The event takes place at Sid Lee Collective Gallery at Gerard Doustraat 74 in Amsterdam. Come and enjoy what our participants - Hans Gremmen, Chris Keulemans, Janne&Melle Kromhout and Pieter Paul Pothoven - have cooked up specially for you.

See ya.

zaterdag 7 november 2009

Next: Speculative Peculiars #4, December 6th, 4 PM

Speculative Peculiars, part 4 will take place on Sunday the 6th of December, at 4 PM at Sid Lee Collective Gallery at Gerard Doustraat 74, Amsterdam.


Hans Gremmen, graphic designer and co-founder Fw:

Hans Gremmen (Langenboom, 1976) studied graphic design at the art academy AKV l Sint Joost in Breda. His master degree he got at the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem. As a designer he works for architects, artists and photographers. Gremmen is one of the co-founders of Fw:, a platform for contemporary photography. And, he is a guest lecturer at Artez, the art academy in Arnhem, at AKV l St. Joost in Breda and at the art department of the University of Kassel (Germany). He is the author of Empty Trashcan (AKV l St. Joost), Serendipity (Roma Publishers) and Fake Flowers in Full Colour (Fw: 2009). The last publication he made in collaboration with photographer Jaap Scheeren. Currently, the project Fake Flowers in Full Colour is on display at FOAM, the photography museum in Amsterdam.

Chris Keulemans, writer and artistic director Tolhuistuin

Chris Keulemans (Tunis, 1960) is a cultural organizer, writer, traveler and journalist, living in Amsterdam. During the late-nineties, he was director of De Balie, a centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam. He wrote several novels and non-fiction works. He writes on regular basis for de Volkskrant, Vrij Nederland en De Gids. Currently he’s director of the new cultural centre Tolhuistuin.

Melle en Janne Kromhout, scientist, musician & fashion designer

Janne Kromhout (Amsterdam, 1977) is clothing designer. Since 2005 she develops her own fashion collections. She studied at the Art Academy in Utrecht (HKU) and specialized in clothing and pattern design at the Rotterdamse Snijschool. As well as for her free work as for her assignments from film costumes to wedding dresses, Janne is inspired by the ‘20s, ‘40s and ’50 of the last century. In her work she strives for personal and unique designs that can bring forth the identity of the bearer.

Melle Kromhout (Amsterdam, 1984) studied Science of Music and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. He specialized in Popular Music Studies. In his thesis he focused on performance, the use of ‘noise’ in the work of the German band Einstürzende Neubauten and the social engagement of the electronics-artist Matthew Herber. Besides his academic background, he is a musician in several bands and music projects, freelance advisor, text writer and researcher. He is co-founder and editor of the online magazine on art and journalistics hard//hoofd.

Pieter Paul Pothoven,
visual artist

Pieter Paul Pothoven (1981) is a multi-media artist working and living in Amsterdam. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Universität der Kunst in Berlin. After graduating he worked on various projects in the Middle-east. He recorded bird- and swamp sounds in different marshes in Lebanon, Iran and Israel. Recently he visited the Lapis Lazuli mines in Afghanistan in search of the origins of the blue pigment ultramarine blue.

Posters in the city of Speculative Peculiars #3

If you have any quote suggestions, please send an email to

maandag 26 oktober 2009

Speculative Peculiars Fanzine#2 is available!

Check out the second Speculative Peculiars Fanzine.
Scroll through or download here.

dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Invitation: Speculative Peculiars, part 3. Join us on November 1st at 4 PM!

Joost Conijn is an artist.

The motto is: do it. Go for it completely: a plan, a journey, a film. Inspired, deliberately uninhibited. Joost Conijn sets up a gate in the desert that opens automatically. Takes off in a plane that he built himself. Travels through Russia in a wood-powered car made of wood, all the way to the Chernobyl zone. Films the neighbourhood kids for a year, capturing their life on the fringes of society. Improves his plane and then crashes it. Cycles through the Moroccan Rif Mountains with two friends; they use their hands to communicate with one another about what’s going on in the world. He moves through life with an independent attitude and plays the big game of art. With bravura, and yet totally straight.


For Speculative Peculiars he will elaborate on his ideas around the development and production of a Low Tech House.

Rutger Groot Wassink is historian and politician. He works as a policy advisor specialized in labor market and social security for FNV Vakcentrale (FNV Union). Currently, he is also working as fraction chairman of Groen Links for city council Amsterdam Westerpark. In the council his main area of interest is on social housing and urban development.

As one of the youngest and most of all happiest entrepreneurs in the world, Nalden is regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and obstinate but clever style of consulting on everything from music and gadgets to authenticity and reinventing word-of-mouth. With a background in the music- and advertising industry, his expertise of online-trends and most of all; as powerful blogger with his unique and internationally recognized blog,, he keeps reinventing himself and other businesses.

As a 'social entrepreneur' he's focused on exploring new ways to reach people without interrupting them, in which he already succeeded with his Wallpaper Advertising business model on With his knowledge about technology and the impact this new media is having on the world he's always working on connecting the dots to make this a better world to live in, by sharing, supporting and investing.

Since 2005 Frederik Molenschot runs his Studio Frederik Molenschot. His work is about designing products, interiors and public spaces. He starts every job with a research into the topic(s) at stake and some of his projects are research based only. In this case the research becomes the product. His focus at Speculative Peculiars will be the growth of cities translated into a fine art piece and materials that are used in the cities.

Patricia de Ruijter is an artist. She is initiator and curator of several international experimental Test-Portal now-Art exhibitions. She presented these events among other places at NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam. Art is for her more than an end product. It is something to be experienced physically en mentally, something that takes a whole life to develop. We are responsible for our own life and therefore it is possible to design a lot ourselves. De Ruijter is interested in the human relation to its environment, mentally, digitally as well as physically and spiritually. Recently, she opened Test-Portal now-Art Gallery at Westerdok 272 in Amsterdam.